historical fabrics

muga silk

 Muga silk is a woven fabric from India, loved for its natural golden hue and exceptional history. The silk is produced by muga silkworms which feed on Som and Soalu leaves, native to the region of Assam. The intricate practice of producing Muga silk is labour-intensive, involving careful rearing of silkworms, spinning, and
weaving, reflecting the artisan's remarkable skill and dedication.

Historically made for only a few, muga silk is a fabric often used in traditional Assamese attire like Mekhela Chador and sarees. These garments are not just clothing but a testament to the wearer.

Muga silk is a sustainable fabric, produced through practices that support local families who are
engaged in gathering the silk and weaving it. This ancient craft is a source and a means of
preserving the rich cultural heritage of Assam.



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