We travelled to China bringing a little of Kinnerton Street to Shanghai, to our friends at Labelhood.

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Working through the night after the shop had closed we prepared the installation - steaming, hanging, papering and displaying. We brought our miniature mannequins with us from London and dressed them in their own tiny versions of the exclusive print egg made for Labelhood. With machines and by hand, we stitched pieces of cloth together to make impromptu displays and hung clothes with grosgrain ribbon from the ceiling so they spun in the air. Our hope was to bring the spirit of Kinnerton Street with us not only visually as a mannequin sat amongst pots of bamboo, twine and ceramic but also in the way we worked, with much laughter along the way – Maureen would have loved it.

On the final evening we opened the doors and the space became filled with people, some who knew egg and others who discovered it afresh. Someone trying on the clothes for the first time said she felt
‘beautiful and alive in the clothes and they made her want to dance. 

As gifts we took our pebble soaps carefully wrapped in paper printed with this poem by Becky Hemsley:

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