studio lenca

Studio Lenca and egg

Opening Date: 11th October 2023 

Luna, an exhibition of five paintings, is the result of a year long collaboration between egg and Studio Lenca. It began with a conversation about colour with Maureen. The pair bonded over a love of Sennelier oil pastels and making marks. Jose was inspired by these discussions to bring brush to canvas. In turn, egg took up a needle and thread, sewing his vibrant colours and patterns into the winter collection.

Studio Lenca is the working name of artist Jose Campos – ‘Studio’ referring to a space for experimentation and making; ‘Lenca’ referring to the Mesoamerican indigenous people of southwestern Honduras and eastern El Salvador.

Studio Lenca was born in La Paz, El Salvador. He works with performance, video, painting and sculpture. He received an MA from Goldsmiths University of London and his work is included in the permanent collection of the Parrish Art Museum in New York where he had a solo exhibition in 2023. 

The artist references the character of materials, a playful use of colour and regal figures wearing hats. The focus is on displacement and not quite fitting in. His paintings are proud, courageous and strong. The figures hold our gaze, sharply dressed and confidently taking up space. They are an ode to family stories, personal reflections and folklore. Studio Lenca creates a world where people are empowered to tell their own stories. A world that we are all invited into.

The egg dresses painted by Studio Lenca followed a visit to Kinnerton Street. Seeing the clothes as a blank canvas, Jose began mark making directly onto the cloth. They form a thread that links his paintings and the egg winter collection.


The colour in the winter 2023 egg collection was influenced by the work of artist Jose Campos. Maureen’s pajaro print, from the Spanish for bird, were drawn within conversations with Jose, and joyful time with his paintings, photographs, scraps of text and illustrations.

Like egg, Studio Lenca creates through the lens of his own sense of belonging and joy. 

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