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james burnett-stuart


James set up his first studio in Ealing in 1989 before moving to the extraordinary Eel Pie Island, Twickenham. Here he began to make tableware which were shown at shops and galleries such as The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, egg, London, and Charleston Farmhouse, East Sussex. 

From 1999 he spent 10 years drawing and painting before returning to throwing pots in 2009 at his workshop in Herefordshire. 

James uses red earthenware, often with a slip a lighter colour clay and then a glaze. His pots are often thrown and altered immediately so they can be scalloped and fluted. He increasingly makes pots freehand or with simple wooden moulds that feel fresh and immediate.

He often makes mugs, cups, and dishes that are practical as well as beautiful. His collection for egg includes cups for wild flowers, simple dishes and serving plates.  

large soup bowl

large soup bowl

medium serving dish with handles

coffee bowl

medium lugged bowl

medium serving dish with handles